IAESTE Colombia's Newsletter N° 5

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Danilo Fernando Sánchez
Home country: Colombia
Destination country:Vietnam

My practice through IAESTE, is in the city Thai Nguyên in Vietnam, Thai Nguyên International School, I am going to stay until May. Arriving in a country where everything is completely different from Colombia, the adapt process is a bit difficult, but I had the fortune of meeting very friendly people who have supported me during my stay, the language is the most tough thing from being here, surprisingly just few people speaks English well, which makes it more complicated the communication, although I am taking advantage from this opportunity to learn the Vietnamese language. However, I hope that in the following months can to adapt better to the food and customs, despite being different, I find them completely extraordinary.

I am grateful to have this experience; such situations and opportunities are the best into a student’s life and generally a person, coming to learn from the wisdom of people who are absolutely different from you is wonderful, you learn how to be tolerant and respectful since your and their customs are completely different, absolutely this trip has made me grow as personally and professionally, this is a huge step for my future.


Life is full of opportunities

Henry Alexander Briñez
Home country: Colombia
Destination country: México


In recent days, we received a special visit, Henry Alexander Briñez, is an Industrial Engineer, who had the opportunity to realize their professional practice through IAESTE Colombia in a transport company in Mexico 15 years ago; his practice was initially for 2 months, but thanks to his constant work and effort allowed him to extend his period of practice, allowing established in Mexico, Henry is a great example of perseverance, desire to move forward and take advantage of great opportunities. Know your experience and get inspired IAESTE Alumni.


Exchange - FAQ

31 March - the deadline for nominations has gone, what now? Now we aim to make all offers happen and students have their experience of a lifetime!

What do I do with offers I couldn't find suitable candidates for and don’t think I will be able to in the near future?

Please send offers back to the receiving country a.s.a.p. They can exchange them with other countries and/or they can transform them into COBE offers or use as replacements. They also need to inform employer as soon as possible of any delays.

What to do with offers I couldn’t find suitable candidates for yet but I am sure I will soon?

Estimate how much time you need to find the candidate and ask the receiving country to prolong the nomination deadline. They might need to inform the employer.

What I should do with offers that countries sent back without nominations?

We aim to increase our “offers’ usage rate” - so publish as FCFS (First Come First Served) or COBE offer in the Intraweb. Promote it to the countries via the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. list and other communication channels. You can also offer it to the countries that couldn't attend the Annual Conference (for more details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

How to promote newly published offers to students?

Get in touch with ITS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get the Traineeships Portal for your country (a link to display offers available for your country in the Intraweb). Use the university mailing lists, social media to promote the offer and the destination.

Olga Legacka


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